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Whoever you are, wherever you have been, whatever you have done, the truth is that you matter to GOD – and that means you matter to us. From the famous to the faceless, every person is important.

A self-mastery community that celebrates diversity and encourage unity under God.


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The Self Mastery Kingdom

Join a community of individuals who share your values and passion for living a purposeful life in God's presence. Surround yourself with people who encourage and motivate you to seek His presence, embrace curiosity and have meaningful discussions. Experience personal growth, elevated faith, and spiritual upliftment while living a fulfilling life in a divine purpose. Come join us now!

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Join us to live life with intention and excitement! Build confidence, discover your purpose, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. As a member, earn cryptocurrency by engaging with our exciting products like HolyCiti Membership, Battle Call Academy, Podcast, Faith Inspired & Christian Apparel, and fellowship in our online community. Our mission is to unburdened you from economic restraints and integrate God into every aspect of your life. Let’s make every day count!

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Stay connected with peers, friends, and colleagues through our social platform. Share your professional and life experiences to help others avoid pitfalls and become their best selves. A Citi is built by us, for us.
Battlefield Academy
Battle Call Academy
Own your future by mapping out and refining your life trajectory. Ignite your passion by acquiring knowledge on various topics, such as effectively dealing with life changes and starting your own business.
Battle Call Podcast
Battle Call Podcasts
You perform at your best when you're at your peak. It's important to seek purpose and meaning in your profession, life, and any endeavors you undertake. Daily Battle Calls provide the information you need to stay focused and inspired.
Holy Armory Store
The Armory
Discover today's collection of chic tees, hats, and hoodies designed to bring awareness to God through faith-based motifs and designs. Our clothing and decor aim to foster unity and celebrate diversity under God.
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The Opportunity
Partner with us and enjoy store discounts, crypto rewards (Dollo Coin), recurring income, incentives, and exclusive training. become a better versions of yourself. Earn by improving lives and our community.
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Without a doubt, human potential knows no limits when unburdened from economic restraints.

HolyCiti envisions a world where people can meet their basic needs and enjoy their daily lives without worry. We are here to help you tackle life’s challenges and achieve a better future through our community membership. Our goal is to create a society that resembles Heaven on earth, where individuals can thrive and prosper without prejudice. Additionally, HolyCiti offers assistance in developing the mindset, leadership skills, and better habits necessary for personal and professional peak performance. Join us today and let’s build a better tomorrow, together.


HolyCiti is a global social media platform that encourages open and honest conversations to inspire positive change through collaboration. Moreover, engaging with our community through membership can bring many rewards as the more you participate, the more you can benefits earn.


At Battle Call Academy, we offer courses that provide you with the essential tools to make a positive impact in your community and lead a fulfilling life. Our extensive library of courses covers a diverse range of topics, including personal development, mindset, and cryptocurrency, ensuring a well-rounded life experience.


HolyCiti encourages individuals to spread the word and help build a better world by wearing our premium spiritual clothing that reflects the divine harmony of heaven on earth. By putting on the Full Armor of God, you can inspire hearts, uplift spirits, transform lives, and restore dignity to humanity using fashion as a medium.

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Introducing the epic Holy Armory merchandise! Wear it for your favorite activities and show it off to the world! Head to social media and use the hashtags #holyarmor and #holyciti to share your creative snaps. Every month, we’ll be giving away a generous $100 or even more! So amp up the excitement in your photos, and we’ll select the most exceptional one as the monthly winner. It’s time to channel the warrior within and let your Holy Armor shine!

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