12 Clever Ways to Make Yourself More Popular at Work

Were you hoping you could forget about trying to be popular once you graduated from high school? As an adult, you don’t have to try out for the cheerleading squad or the football team, but being likeable is important for your career.

There are many advantages to making yourself more popular at work. Your coworkers are more likely to share information with you, listen to your ideas, and give you practical assistance.

You may even rise up the ladder faster. Research has found that employees who are well-liked are more likely to be hired, promoted, and earn higher salaries. You may also live longer.


Making yourself popular is a fun path to success, and it may be easier than you think. Try these suggestions for dazzling your colleagues.

Doing Your Job

Extra touches are nice, but taking care of your responsibilities is the cornerstone of your professional reputation. Show your coworkers what you can do.

Try these strategies:

  1. Exceed expectations. Live up to your commitments. Complete assignments and meet deadlines. Keep others informed about the status of your tasks when you know it affects their work too.
  2. Support the team. Balance group goals with your own personal agenda. Make others feel valued and included. Be clear about your boundaries. Share constructive feedback and resolve conflicts promptly and respectfully.
  3. Help out. Go beyond your job description. When you see that a coworker is overloaded or a project is falling behind, volunteer to pitch in. Do favors without expecting anything in return.
  4. Show leadership. Take initiative. Present your boss with innovative proposals for saving costs and increasing quality. Focus on the big picture and learn from others.
  5. Reduce stress. More than 60% of U.S. workers say they’re ready to quit their job because of work-related tension, according to the American Institute of Stress. Lighten the mood with appropriate humor and patience.

Being a Friend

How can you stand out among your counterparts with similar qualifications?

Work on your winning personality with these tips:

  1. Greet others. Small gestures can have a big impact. Wish your colleagues good morning and say goodbye at quitting time. Smile and look approachable.
  2. Ask questions. Show a personal interest in your coworkers. Remember details of conversations, so you can ask about their families and hobbies. Discover common interests that you can build upon.
  3. Offer praise. Let others know that you recognize their talents and achievements. Be sincere and specific.
  4. Avoid gossip. If someone talks about others behind their backs, they’ll probably do the same to you. Change the subject or walk away if the information sounds like it could be hurtful.
  5. Attend events. Go to happy hours and parties where you can get to know your coworkers in a more relaxed setting. Be prepared to discuss subjects other than department budgets and marketing campaigns.
  6. Bring food. You can’t buy friends, but you can warm up the crowd with tasty snacks. Show off your baking skills with homemade cookies or banana bread. Keep a jar of jellybeans on your desk. Offer to make a coffee run and memorize each team member’s favorite drink.
  7. Take sick days. Stay home if you think you have an illness that could be contagious. You’ll be more productive if you take time off to rest, and your coworkers will appreciate your looking out for them.

There’s less pressure to be cool when you’re a grown up, but popularity matters in the workplace as much as it did in high school. Develop habits that will make a positive impression on your coworkers.

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Until next time: God bless, stay positive, and be true to you.

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