The Battle Calls

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Conscientiousness is the Greatest Predictor of Success

You might think that being intelligent or hardworking is the greatest predictor of success, but you’d be wrong. Those are tremendous attributes to possess, but it’s easy to find people with those qualities who aren’t highly successful. You probably know someone that is very intelligent but isn’t

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How to be a Winner at Life

Everyone wants to be a winner. Let’s not confuse this with how competitive some are. No, not everyone likes to compete. But we all like to win. We all want to succeed. When did you experience the joy that comes with this? Was it as you

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Smart Study Strategies to Learn More in Less Time

Studying a necessary part of any student’s life. Sitting in class and taking tests are only part of the story. Studying consists of taking information and internalizing it in a way that allows for accurate recall. While we spend all of our childhood in school,

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Your Goals Must Support Your Values

If you’re struggling to be as successful as you’d like to be, there’s a great chance that a discrepancy exists between your goals and your values. If our goals are antithetical to our values, success is all but impossible. We don’t like to behave in ways that

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Goal Setting for the New Year

Goals are very powerful. Most importantly, they provide us with a target. What’s the likelihood of accidentally accomplishing something that makes your life much better? Great accomplishments require intention and systems. Having intention keeps your mind sharp and searching for solutions. Of all the things we learn

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4 Huge Myths About Motivation

Motivation is powerful, but not entirely necessary. Motivation makes it easier to take action, but you take plenty of actions without the presence of traditional motivation. Without motivation, it’s also easy to procrastinate. Motivation is tricky. What exactly is motivation? Is it enthusiasm for an

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