The Battle Calls

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Why You Might Want to be Rich

Do you wonder if you should set wealth as one of your goals? Perhaps this question deserves more reflection. Ask yourself, “Why? Why do I want wealth?” If any of these ideas ring true with you, consider them in your answer. Money is a funny

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Common Money Beliefs That Aren’t True

It’s not the things you don’t know, but rather the incorrect things you believe, that cause many of the real challenges in life. A few errors in your thinking can be a detriment to your finances. Enhancing your understanding of money and personal finances is an effective

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Guide to Creating a Wealth Mindset

Without a wealth mindset, it’s unlikely that you’ll do the things necessary to build and preserve wealth. A wealth mindset is necessary, but insufficient on its own. However, a wealth mindset creates the potential to change your financial life in a big way. Your mindset is

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The Negative Effects of Screen Time

Children today grow up with a world of technology at their feet. Unfortunately, research shows that this new technology has taken a heavy toll on our children. According to the statistics, children spend an average of six to nine hours of screen time every day,

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