3 Reasons Weird People Are the Most Creative


Creative people, by definition, are “different”, “weird”, “unique”, “quirky”, and a wide variety of other things. Of course, the truth is, we’re all a bit different from the person that’s next to us- but many of us are doing our best to blend in. However, for creatives, the thought of blending in goes against everything they are. The truth is, most creatives are simply misunderstood. 

In this tutorial, we’ll explain 3 reasons why weird people are the most creative. 

They see the world differently

Creatives are willing to share what they see in the world and how they interpret it with others. In their eyes, the world has more meaning, more complexities, more possibilities than “normal” people. 


Creatives believe in the impossible because they know that nothing is for sure. They believe the world is full of possibility and want to leave their mark on the world. They want to add to the work of art that life is. 

When you see things differently than others, you stand out. Some people are afraid of outliers- they don’t like them. There are people who dislike change. They prefer changelessness and stagnancy. Often, what people don’t understand or know can frighten us, leaving room for misunderstanding. 

They don’t judge their abilities like others do

Since they prefer creating and doing instead of studying and/or working, creatives don’t do very well in school or “normal” jobs. This is because they are passionate about their creative practices- which is something that cannot be squashed. 

As a creative, you may find that it’s hard to perform tasks that are monotonous. A creative thrives on the excitement that comes with learning/doing something unique and trying your hands at something completely different than you’re used to. 

Of course, creatives do participate in school and go to work like everyone else in the world because they have to. However, they will often take a job that is less-than-ideal unless they find something that grabs their interest. 

They’re a bit more emotional 

For creatives, the world is brighter and louder. This isn’t because they have heightened senses, per se. It’s simply because they pay more attention to the world around them. A creative is often an introvert- but truthfully, they look around on the outside just as much as they do on the inside. 

They pay closer attention to the little things in life, allowing them to result in a greater emotional response that the not-so-creative people around them. 

If you are a creative, the world has more meaning. For most people, the world is just a blur as they go flying through. However, for creatives, the world is everything. Of course, these people often end up losing themselves in their journey. Life isn’t easy for anyone- but it does seem to be more challenging for those who are creative. 


Creatives are often labeled as “weird” or “quirky”. Everyone is a bit different than the person next to them- some more so than others. Most people attempt to blend in, but to creatives, this is a bad thing.

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Until next time: God bless, stay positive, and be true to you.

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Weird People Most Creative

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